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    Adjusting Document size to accommodate markups programmatically


      I am in a process of creating a TextBox Markup programmatically and apply it over a pdf document, I was successful in doing it – Thanks to the Oracle forum members and the AutoVue team.

      Now i have a situation where, if the PDF documents text is not properly margined (i.e. no standard space for top, left, right and bottom margin) then my markup (the markup created using VueBean API) is overlapping with the text in the document, so in order to overcome this issue i will have to increase the size of the document being loaded onto the VueBean. I am using docs\AutoVueAPIProgrammersGuide.pdf & the VueBean API as reference. The only place where I was able to find API with respect to page size was in “com.cimmetry.core. VectorConvertOptions”. As far as I have seen the Jvue Applet, I did not find a functionality as I am expecting (I am talking about JVue Applet coz if the JVue Applet has this functionality so do the VueBean API). Kindly let me know if this is possible using VueBean API. More over after applying the Markup I will have to convert the document and the markup together back into a pdf document.

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