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    BPEL Human Task Notification Email Subject


      I am using SOA11.1.1.5 and am working on integrating with OIM for approval workflows. I have question about the notifications in the Human Task which is in the approval process. I am able to modify the email body as per my requirements but I am not able to change the email subject. Currently it is sending the email subject as 'Action Required: Approval' while I want it to be something like 'OIM: Approval task pending - <xxxx> for <xxxx> (Request ID: <xxx>)'. All the 'xxx' above are dynamic values which are in the payload and I can use them to construct the subject but just that I do not see any place in the 'Notifications' menu in the human task.
      Any idea anyone?

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          Hi Bikash,

          Wondering if you were able to change the email subject in Oracle SOA human task emails. We also have a very similar requirement.
          Please let us know if you had got it working.

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            Hi Bikash,

            I have also similar req. How you have changed the mail message body.

            please help.

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              Changing subject line for notifications is not a supported feature as of now.

              However, message body can be customized as required.


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                I had the exact same requirement for changing the email subject line on the task assignment. I did some trial and error and found a workaround to change the subject line. If you look at the default subject line that comes "Action Required:Approval", the word "approval" is the task title. So, if you change the task title including the XPath expressions for dynamic substitutions then it works fine. the only issue is that the subject line is still prefixed with "Action Required:" but the rest of the subject line can be changed.

                For example: I have used the following in the task title.

                IAM assign access permission request is waiting for authorization - <%/task:task/task:payload/ns1:BeneficiaryDetails/ns1:DisplayName%>

                I didn't find any side effects of this one except that the task title will be this, which is a good thing though.

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                  Actually I was able to get it working but never got to post the answer. But just in case if anyone comes back looking for it, the solution from my notes:
                  Workflow supports header customizations via "WorkflowCustomClasspathURL"
                  The customized resource bundles can be packaged as a jar file and referred from WorkflowCustomClasspathURL.
                  Follow the steps below to customize the EMAIL headers:
                  1. Navigate to MW_HOME/Oracle_SOA1/soa/modules/oracle.soa.workflow_11.1.1
                  2. From the library bpm-services.jar extract the following directory to a local location:
                  i. The reason, we extract these resource bundles from the SOA directory is to be sure that we have the latest properties.
                  ii. Please make sure that the directory structure is maintained in the extracted folder
                  3. Delete the class file i18NUtil.class from the extracted directory
                  4. Make the following modifications in WorkflowLabels.properties
                  a. To customize "Action Required"
                  TASK_VIEW_CONTEXT_ASSIGNEE_ASSIGNED=Action Required
                  TASK_VIEW_CONTEXT_ASSIGNEE_ASSIGNED=Customized Action Required
                  b. To customize "Routed"
                  TASK_VIEW_CONTEXT_ROUTED=Action Required
                  c. To customize "Completed to Approved" and "Completed to Rejected"
                  5. Please repeat the procedure for any other languages by editing the appropriate translated WorkflowLabels_**.properties files.
                  6. Zip back the entire folder into a jar file (say , customizedbundle.jar)
                  7. The 'WorkflowCustomClasspathURL' parameter can be configured from the Enterprise Manager SOA Console.
                  a. Expand SOA
                  b. Right Click on soa-infra
                  c. Go to Administration - System MBean Broswer
                  d. Go to the following mbean:
                  Application Defined MBeans
                  - oracle.as.soainfra.config
                  - Server: <Instance Name>
                  - WorkflowConfig
                  - human-workflow
                  - WorkflowCustomClasspathURL
                  e. Provide the path to customizedbundle.jar
                  => file:///{path_to_customizedbundle.jar}
                  f. Click Apply
                  Note. Edit WorkflowCustomClasspathURL for each SOA Managed Server if you are using a SOA Cluste.
                  8. Verify that the email subject contains the intended changes.
                  More Here

                  Or now an article : 1420793.1
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                    I Bikash,
                    I would modify human task notification email body, but I can't find any document that explains it.
                    The only document that I found talks about email notification creation (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17904_01/integration.1111/e10224/bp_designtf.htm#CHDJBIDE). I'm going to read it, but meanwhile can you explain me how you coustomized the default email body?

                    Thanks in advance,