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    How to create one user for one workspace

      Hi experts,

      I just wanted to know if anyone of you ever generated a user in a 11g database who only is able to see the content of one specifc workspace.
      The workflow would be that an admin-like user generates a new workspace and after this he creates a new user who can only see/change the data in this workspace.
      So when the new user is logging in, he is automatically in this new workspace and he has no priviliges to merge/create/rollback workspaces, or to change into another workspace.

      Could anybody please give me a hint on how to achieve this?

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          Ben Speckhard-Oracle
          Hi Jens,

          Along with granting privileges on the specific tables, you would need to grant ACCESS_WORKSPACE using dbms_wm.grantWorkspacePriv on the specified workspace. Without granting any other privileges, the user would not be able to create additional child workspaces, or merge/rollback the workspace. Then, you would need to create a logon database trigger that places the user in the appropriate default workspace.

          However, a user is always able to access the LIVE workspace. There currently isn't any way to prevent that.