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    IIR performance tuning suggestions / documents for Oracle 11?

      Would we have any hints or white papers that would support a customer in IIR matching server tuning for initial load performance,
      beyond the Siebel specific
      Performance Tuning Guidelines for Siebel CRM Application on Oracle Database (Doc ID 781927.1)
      which does NOT generate any statistics on the Informatica Schema?

      Customer is starting production data load into Siebel UCM of over 5 million customer records . Their current bottle neck seems to be IIR queries and high IIR host resources usage.

      This would be for Siebel [21225] on Oracle; I currently do not know if ACR 475 with its EBC access is used or not; I'd be looking for any performance tuning suggestions on the Informatica & database side - I have not found anything helpful in the informatica knowledgebase and in the docs the only performance tuning suggestions seem to be on IDT loads.

      Obviously performance can be influenced by the matching fields used, but this customer will be looking for performance tuning suggestions keeping the matching fields and thresholds they got approved from the business side.

      Any documents we could share?