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    Backup/Restore Inactivity Timeout


      Is there a way to set an inactivity timeout for a backup or restore job?


      We launch a number of regularly scheduled backups against one node of a zfs storage
      appliance cluster. In the midst of the backup, the target node crashes and filesystems
      fails over to the other node. All backups in progress against the original node at the
      time then hang. The jobs continue hanging (for days) until forcibly killed.

      Is there a parameter which can be set somewhere that will terminate jobs which have
      been inactive for a specified period of time?

      Thanks for your help,

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          No there is not, the "expire after" setting in the trigger will cancel the job if it has not started but a running job won't always fail in this way.

          We usually find this is more of an issue for Windows hosts that get rebooted, with the NDMP clients the reboot generally fails the backup job with an NDMP read error.

          Make sure your 7410 or whatever is on the latest OS/firmware release, ours are all very stable with the latest code.

          Hope that helps.