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    Error Code: 202 Supplier Site Does Not Respond


      We are facing issues with one of our punchout. When clicking on iprocurement responsibility> the punchout link, we are getting the below error.
      Error Code: 202 Supplier Site Does Not Respond
      Unable to send the Login Request XML.

      The issue is with the URL . The <BrowserFormPost> tag contains the following URL:
      <URL> http://iprocurement.domain.com:1234/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?OAFunc=ICX_CAT_PUNCHOUT_CALLBACK&OAHP=ICX_POR_HOMEPAGE_MENU&OASF=ICX_CAT_PUNCHOUT_CALLBACK&transactionid=25719168</URL>

      The issue is with the ‘&’ used in the URL. The supplier’s system is not reading the & as an entity, rather as a parameter delimiter.

      When they change the URL to the following, it seems to work ok. (using &amp; instead)

      <URL> http://iprocurement.domain.com:1234/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?OAFunc=ICX_CAT_PUNCHOUT_CALLBACK&amp;OAHP=ICX_POR_HOMEPAGE_MENU&amp;OASF=ICX_CAT_PUNCHOUT_CALLBACK&amp;transactionid=499486663</URL>

      Is there a configuration available to make the choice of &amp vs & ? Please help me to resolve this issue.

      How can we change the XML to include either &Amp; or [CDATA...] in the URL sent to supplier.