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    oracle books

      hi all ,
      i wanted to ask a question about oracle university books , what is the meaning of (copyrights are reserved)
      what does that mean
      what if i purchased a book and gave it to my friend for free , is that wrong ? , does that violates the copyrights terms ?

      if you could tell me about that , i will be appreciate

      thanks in advance
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          Can you be more specific about the "books" you are referring to? For example, are you referring to Oracle University course materials for a course that you enrolled in? Or a book published by Oracle Press that you purchased? Or something else? In any case, can you specify the exact title (and other information if you know it and if it's relevant, such as the publication date and the author) for the material that you're referring to?

          The entire area of copyrights is large and complicated, and the rules that apply could depend very much on the specifics that you have in mind.