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    Oracle RAC 11g. 3rd Voting disk mounting automatically without fstab

      We have a 2 node Oracle 11Gr2 Extened RAC database on Redhat Linux. We have a vote disk on each node and a 3rd vote disk on a separate site. The vote disk directories are NFS mounted. We have noticed that there is no entry in the fstab (on either RAC node) for the 3rd voting disk location, yet the directory is still mounted automatically on each RAC node at startup.

      Can Oracle manage mounting the disks itself without using fstab? Oracle recommends using the fstab for mounting the directories and I have found nothing on Oracle mounting the directories in any other way other than fstab.

      I am completely lost here. We need to do some configuration on the 3rd voting disk location and I need to find out how the disk is being mounted on the RAC nodes. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.