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    Static JNLP vs Dynamic one generated via PHP

      I have an issue with our application not updating when we make changes to our JNLP file that is dynamically generated using PHP. We use a versioned file using the "<property name="jnlp.versionEnabled" value="true">" in our JNLP file.

      I have tested using a static JNLP file and making the same change to the version and it updates on the client machine. I have verified, using Wireshark, that the HTTP response (headers) are the same between the static and dynamic get requests. And that the returned JNLP file is in fact updated with the new version it just seems like Webstart is ignoring the new version and just starting the cached application when using the dynamic JNLP file.

      Note: I am testing this with early access 7u2 because that version fixes the following bug: [Bug ID: 7063209|http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=7063209]

      Is there something in Webstart that is ignoring the update due to it being dynamically generated?

      Any help would be appreciated.