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    Plzzz help !!

      Hi all,

      I've imported mapping table and now I want to add an extra row to the imported table (imported in EXPLICIT type of mapping) in FDM application. But I can't able to do that and its throwing an error.

      I wanna use the button "ADD" and add one more row to the already uploaded mapping table.....how can I do that..? Plz help :)

      Thanks in adv,
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          Please take a moment to review this post:

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          The problem is likely that you have a restricted character in your mapping - likely in the description. If you review the admin guide, you will see a list of the restricted characters.
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            As Tony mentioned, you probably have a restricted character in your mapping table. You will need to remove this manually from the tdatamap database table. There are multiple KM documents out on the knowledge base on how to perform this process, or you can open an SR with support and they can assist in the deletion of the invalid records.