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    Dequeue stop working after environment switch

      Hi folks!

      We are running AIA2.0.1 on top of the SOA Suit 10g

      We do have a queue in Siebel Database 11gR2 RAC, and we dequeue messages from that queue via JMS adapter and pass it to the BPEL engine.

      That works fine until we do the following:

      - shut down the AS10g environment1
      - connect environment2 to that queue in order to test the environment2 dequeue - test failed
      - disconnect environment2 from that queue
      - start up environment1 back and dequeue doesn't work any more also with environment1.

      Is there any sentence or something in the queue with prevents from connecting new environment and then blocks dequeue/propagation from dequeue messages to original environment?

      what we can also observe in the log files (domain.log of the bpel engine) is the following:

      <ERROR> <default.collaxa.cube.activation> <JMSAdapter::Inbound> JmsConsumer_run: A resource exception occurred while waiting for inbound messages: Generic error.
      oracle.jms.AQjmsException: JMS-112: Connection is invalid
           at oracle.jms.AQjmsError.throwEx(AQjmsError.java:285)
           at oracle.jms.AQjmsConsumer.dequeue(AQjmsConsumer.java:1196)
           at oracle.jms.AQjmsConsumer.receiveFromAQ(AQjmsConsumer.java:916)
           at oracle.jms.AQjmsConsumer.receiveFromAQ(AQjmsConsumer.java:835)
           at oracle.jms.AQjmsConsumer.receive(AQjmsConsumer.java:776)
           at oracle.tip.adapter.jms.JMS.JMSMessageConsumer.consumeBlockingWithTimeout(JMSMessageConsumer.java:405)
           at oracle.tip.adapter.jms.inbound.JmsConsumer.run(JmsConsumer.java:330)
           at oracle.tip.adapter.fw.jca.work.WorkerJob.go(WorkerJob.java:51)
           at oracle.tip.adapter.fw.common.ThreadPool.run(ThreadPool.java:280)
           at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:662)

      Any suggestions or hints would much appreciated.