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    Siebel Search (SES) RCR is not working as expected

      Hi All,

      We have implemeted Advanced Search in Siebel using OSES Engine. We have enabled the required run time events to capture the records created/updated and enabled the RCR which processes the records created in run time table(S_SRCH_CHG_TXN). This RCR is a daily job.

      We have 6 BusComps whose fileds to indexed:
      Asset Mgmt - Asset
      Product Defect
      Service Request

      RCR job instance has run successfully (Indexed all BusComp records) on the first day when it was enabled, from next day onwards RCR job instance is showing as Active on the scheduled start time but not processing all the records from all BusComps. Everytime it is processing only Acoount & Action BC records and not the remaining BC records and Job status will be Sucess once it process these two BusComp records. Then next Job instance will be Queued.

      Can anyone help on this?