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    Mysql to Oracle Offline Migration: scripts incorrectly generated for tables


      I used SQL Developer 3.0.4 to migrate Mysql databases to Oracle.

      I got the following errors on execution of the loader scripts (oracle_ctl.sh):

      SQL*Loader-2026: the load was aborted because SQL Loader cannot continue.
      SQL*Loader-500: Unable to open file (data/framework_perdadepacotes_diari.txt)

      The dump file "framework_perdadepacotes_horario.txt" is generated by mysqlsdump with the original mysql table name and ".txt" sufix:
      -- extracted from unload_script.sh
      mysqldump -h $server -u $username -p$password -T data socket=/u01/mysqlmulti/mysql2/mysqld2.sock port=3312 fields-terminated-by="<EOFD>" fields-escaped-by="" --lines-terminated-by="<EORD>" "dxdb" "framework_perdadepacotes_horario"

      but the sql loader controlfile references the file using the new oracle table name (in this case the new name is truncated to 30 characters):
      load data
      infile 'data/framework_perdadepacotes_diari.txt'
      "str '<EORD>'"
      into table dxdb.framework_perdadepacotes_diari

      Another occurrence of the same problem, but in this case the tables names starts wth "_" :
      - from unload_script.sh
      mysqldump -h $server -u $username -p$password -T data fields-terminated-by="<EOFD>" fields-escaped-by="" --lines-terminated-by="<EORD>" "netdb" "_Clientes"

      file name generated by mysqldump: "_Clientes.txt"
      ctl file:
      load data
      infile 'data/CLIENTES_1.txt'
      "str '<EORD>'"
      into table CLIENTES_1

      Is this a bug or are we supposed to manually correct the scripts for these cases?


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