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    OAS patches - MOS ID 437878.1 - patch 8919489 order

      I am performing an -> R12.1.1 upgrade on Linux-x86 using the MW.

      I am on this step:

      Category: Prep for the Upgrade
      - Product Family: Prepare for the Upgrade
      -- Task: Prepare for the Upgrade
      ---- Step: Upgrade Oracle Application Server 10g
      ----- Action: Review MOS ID 437878.1

      Note 437878.1 says to apply patch 8919489 (R12.TXK.B.Delta.3) BEFORE applying the bundle forms patch 9593176 (and any missing patches).

      The MW has patch 8919489 (R12.TXK.B.Delta.3) being applied AFTER the 12.1.1 primary patch (upgrade) in the following step:

      Category: Upg to Rel 12.1.1
      - Product Family: Perform the Upgrade
      -- Task: Perform the Upgrade
      --- Step: Apply Prerequisite Technology Stack Patch patch 8919489

      I just want to make sure that the MW has this in the correct order.