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    Forms 6i installed and running on Windows 7

      I replaced my Windows Vista with a Windows 7 system this year. So I have been re-installing all the Oracle software I need on the new unit.

      I realize Forms 6 is ancient, far off the current usage chart, but there are some places still using that version, including one of my clients. Therefore, I needed to get the Forms and Reports Developer installed on my Windows 7 platform. I tried several times before getting it right, having to uninstall and re-start at least once. I am describing here what worked.

      First, refer to the old thread: Forms 6i installed and running on Windows Vista
      I followed that pretty much, with these exceptions:

      1. I changed the Oracle Home from "DEFAULT_HOME" to "FORMS6_HOME".
      I only did that since I had to uninstall the initial installation attempt. Using DEFAULT_HOME should be ok.

      2. Whichever home is used, the installation directory SHOULD be changed. I installed in C:\Program Files\Oracle\Forms6. If you don't install under the "Program Files" branch, every time you start Forms6 Builder or Runforms, you will get a Windows UAC nag asking if it is ok to run.

      To use C:\Program Files\..., use the the DOS long-name method so the space in "Program Files" does not cause trouble. I used: C:\progra~1\Oracle\Forms6

      3. Once Forms Builder and Reports Builder is installed, apply Patch 18. I installed Patch 19 first, and found that Runforms would crash if started from Windows. It ran ok if started from the Builder.

      When installing Patch 18, be sure to use C:\progra~1\... instead of C:\Program Files\...

      That's it -- all the other items are in the Windows Vista installation notes. I have been using this setup for a few weeks, and it appears to run the same as on Windows Vista.

      I have finally installed Forms 10g ( on my platform as well, and Oracle certifies that! I'll try to post the steps that worked for me soon. It took several Service Requests and lots of time to figure out exactly what is required.
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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle

          Rather than dealing with the issues you likely will have using an old product on a new OS, why not use "Windows XP Mode"? If you are using any Win7 release other than Home Edition, it is free. This would also protect the host OS (Win7) from being damaged by anything you did in the XP enviroment and it would put the Oracle product on a more compatible platform.

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            Michael, thanks for the suggestion. As a matter of fact, I do have Win 7 Pro, and did install Windows XP Mode. Even installed Forms 6i there, and it appeared to run ok. ...but... I didn't like a few things:

            Windows XP Mode takes over a big section of disk space buried in a single data file (within C:\Program Files\... or C:\users\SC\...), so any files in that system appeared inaccessible from Windows 7. I'd have to constantly switch between the two systems, almost as bad as switching between two computers.

            When I develop forms, I normally connect to an on-board Oracle 10g database, and, although I didn't try connecting from within Windows XP Mode, I feared it would not connect, or else I'd have to jump through a bunch more hoops.

            So, I uninstalled Windows XP Mode, did a System Restore, and deleted the data files I could identify.

            Forms 6 was easier to install than Forms 10 on W7, and so far, the setup seems completely stable.
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              Updating this thread...
              I see some people talking about Forms 6i and SQL Plus crashing when connecting to a database:
              APPCRASH Problem for plus80 and forms 6i builders

              Forms Developer 6i will crash if you try connecting to a database running the AL32UTF8 character set. Older systems require the UTF8 character set.

              Here are several very old threads with similar issues:
              <p>connecting form 6i  to oracle database 10G express edition
              <br>Forms 6i X 10g Database (the solution is here)

              More info: In Windows 7, I am running Forms 6i WITHOUT compatibility mode set to XP. It all seems to be running fine. I have had no problems with it since I first installed last year.

              Unfortunately, I don't have an Oracle 11 database available to try connecting to. I have only used this setup with Oracle 9 and 10 databases.
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                Finally got access to Oracle 11. Not the best news for Windows 7 and Forms 6 -- My installation will only connect to Oracle 11 if I select the "*Run as administrator*" option with the Forms 6 Builder and Forms 6 Runforms.

                The odd thing about Forms 6 Builder: when I try connecting to Oracle 11, I get: "TNS-12154: TNS: could not resolve service name".
                When I try to run the Forms 6 runtime, it just crashes immediately, with the dump showing, ">> ERROR: Abnormal termination, Error Code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION"

                Having the UAC window appear is not so bad, but Windows 7 is so particular about that mode that it presents the User Account Control window with the "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer" in a window that MUST be acknowledged before anything else can be done.

                I also tried setting the properties on either Builder or Runforms to try running in compatibility for Windows XP. That works, but I get the same UAC window as the "Run as administrator" option. I tried changing the security settings to allow users "Full control" on all files and folders under C:\Program Files\Oracle, but that did not have any effect.
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                  Not sure what you have going on there, but I have forms and reports 6i patch 18 install on my windows 7 64 bit machine and it works fine. Of course I have UAC turned off, as its annoying in general.... I do not use XP mode or anything special.

                  We support our application on Windows 7 32bit and 64bit without issues as well.

                  Typically I change permissions on the c:\orant\ directory (where forms and reports are installed) and this is all I have to do. There is a little patch for 64bit where I replace nn60.dll and nnb60.dll. This enables forms to be able to talk to report when a form launches a report.

                  Hope this helps you,