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    JMS destination key used for message ordering not working

      Hi there,

      i'm using Weblogic 10.3. I've been trying to implement ordering of messages using a destination key assigned to a JMS message queue. The default ordering is FIFO (it uses the JMSMessageID in ascending order for this).
      According to documentation (http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E12840_01/wls/docs103/ConsoleHelp/taskhelp/jms_modules/destination_keys/ConfigureDestinationKeys.html) one can also configure the queue to behave in a LIFO manner by creating a destination which sorts on the JMSMessageID in a descending order.

      I have tried this, it does not work. I have also played with different message priority settings and tried to sort on the JMSPriority field of the messages in ascending and descending order, it changes nothing. Messages keep being processed in a FIFO manner.

      Has anyone been able accomplish message ordering other than FIFO? Am I missing something?

      Any assistance would be highly appreciated!