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    BIP Error: SBL-EAI-04308: Operation '<?>' of Web Service '<?>.<?>' at port

      Hi Gurus,

      We are setting up new sandbox environment with Siebel s/w and BIP Siebel is successfully installed and configured. Followed all the installation steps mentioned in the BIP Guide. I can login to BIP Console (http://[Server]:9704/xmlpserver) without any issues. However when clicked on "Upload Files" button in Administration - BI Publisher Reports > Reports - Standard Templates view I am getting the below error:

      SBL-EAI-04308: Operation '<?>' of Web Service '<?>.<?>' at port '<?>' failed with the following explanation: "<?>".
      ObjMgrBusServiceLog     InvokeMethod     4     000000024ebd1d18:0     2011-11-11 10:07:19     Business Service 'XMLP Adapter Service' invoke method 'UploadReport' Execute Time: 2.062 seconds.
      ObjMgrBusServiceLog     InvokeMethod     4     000000024ebd1d18:0     2011-11-11 10:07:19     End: Business Service 'XMLP Adapter Service' invoke method: 'UploadReport' at 15fb7688
      ObjMgrBusServiceLog     Delete     4     000000024ebd1d18:0     2011-11-11 10:07:19     Business Service 'XMLP Adapter Service' (address: '15fb7688')was unregsitered at model '5f29f30' for session ''

      If anyone have got the similar issue please provide me your input. Thanks in advance.

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