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    Report Definition Template Changed  Without Intention

      We use BI Publisher for our Check Form and last updated the template on 8/31/2011, which is confirmed in the F95600 table. However, on Nov 2, 2011 the signature line became shifted lower by about a quarter inch, causing it to print too low to see as it is in a portion of the preprinted check form border. The fix is simple, but we are trying to figure out who or how this got changed. We have very few people who even have access to BI Publisher RD templates, and the F95600 seems to confirm no on 'intentionally' changed it or uploaded a new version of the RD template.

      Any ideas out there on how this may have occurred? We did do a Full Production Package the weekend prior, but we had a couple of days of checks after that which were correct.
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          Additional Information: We have found that it is the entire form that is shifted down, not just the signature lines. Also, it happens intermittently. Originally it happened on all the checks that were printing, but now it is inconsistent in this; some checks in a check run will print just fine while others will print shifted. As an example of a check run of 115 checks, the first 40 printed fine, with 8 that were shifted, then the remaining checks printed fine. Oracle Support is maintaining that this is an issue with the printer, however, we have made no changes to this printer and used it prior to BIP when we used Optio to print our checks and it never happened with Optio.