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    SUn Ultra 27 new HDD not seen in BIOS

      I have a new Sun Ultra 27 that came with one SATA HDD. I added another HDD in the HDD 1 slot but the BIOS is not seeing it. It is only seeing the HDD in slot HDD 0 that came with the computer. How do I get the BIOS to see the new HDD? If I place the new HDD in HDD 0 and the original drive in HDD 1 it will see the "new" HDD in HDD 0 but not the old HDD in HDD 1 so I know it is not the HDD that is at fault. I need to see both HDD's.
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          Please say what models every disk.
          This system do not support mix SATA and SAS HDD.

          What show when you insert one disk as HDD1 or HDD2 ?

          Check SAS cables that connect DISK Backplane and MotherBoard.

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            The HDD-0 drive is a Hitachi UltraStar Model HUA7250SBSUN500G and the HDD-1 drive is a Hitachi DeskStar HDS725050KLA360. Both drives can be seen by the BIOS if they are in the HDD-0 slot but no drives can be seen in the HDD-1 slot. Both drives are SATA not SAS. There is no SAS system installed in this Ultra 27. If I put the Hitachi UltraStar Model HUA7250SBSUN500G in the HD-1 slot it is not recognized in the BIOS. If I put the Hitachi DeskStar HDS725050KLA360 in the HDD-0 slot it is recognized by the BIOS. The problem is that the BIOS is not recognizing any hard drive in slot HDD-1.