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    Issue related to template using microsoft in BI publisher

      Hi friends,
      Iam facing a problem in BI Publisher xdm file.

      here by iam explaining the problem.

      I have 2 sql queries in the xdm files.

      Two sql queries are created with two data set names as well as two group names, since we are having two repeating groups.
      In the first query, i have a field say param_no following some more fields and the second sql query is also built with some field's selected.

      The second repeating group is placed in the first repeating group.

      Now i want to filter the second group based on the value of the first group's filed param_no.

      Iam unable to have the value of first group's field param_no inside second repeating group.

      Please do the need ful.

      Thanks in advance.