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    Error # 3021 - Invalid Relation. ---> MS Access to Oracle APEX

      Hello everybody.

      I have 3 years working with Oracle APEX and now I have the need to migrate an Access database to Oracle and APEX.

      I have:
      - MS Access 2003 database
      - Oracle SQL Developer
      - Oracle 10g Database

      I will try to provide all the relevant information.

      I used the Access Exporter for Access 2003 tool from Oracle SQL Developer to creat both .xml (for SQL Dev) file and .sql file (for APEX) but the process show me an error mesassge that said: "Error # 3021 - Invalid Relation. No current record".

      I read in OTN forum that it was because the migration tool can not access the system tables and that I need to modify permisions to allow "Read Data". I did this process and I was able to create .xml file, however if I chose Application Express to create .sql file or the option to create both files the same error shows.

      I have been reading in this forum but didn't find a way to solve it.

      Does any body knows how to solve this issue?

      Any help is appreciated.

      Thanks in advance for your help.
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          I can't reproduce your issue.

          Have you double-checked that the tables MSysAccessObjects, MSysACEs, MSysObjects, MSysQueries and MSysRelationships are visible and that the Admin user has at least Read Design and Read Data permission on those tables?

          If that is the case, and the problem still happens, and you are able to give a copy of your .mdb file to Oracle, then I suggest to open a Service Request with Oracle Support so that the issue can be investigated.

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            Hi everybody!

            Sorry for not posting this before. After a couple of days I did find the reason of the "Invalid Relation" error.

            It was because the Access database contained a table that had a foreing key with an exteranal table. The table that stores the primary key was a linked table that remains in a different .mdb file and that was not accesible.