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    Merge Load

      Hi All,

      Before I get fancy with scripting I wanted to make sure there isn't an easier way. I have to load two sets of numbers for an entity every month. The first set can be loaded as a single month with the Replace load method. The second set addresses other accounts in the same entity so I have to use the Merge load method. I am wondering if there is a way to have the second load automatically load Merge without being prompted to avoid user error at some point.

      The second set of data is loaded in through a seperate location so I was thinking I could change the Integration Options for just this location to only show Merge but I suspect Integration options are application wide and not just specific to the location.

      Some other options I came up with are to use a multiload file with the 'M' tags, however, this works until I get to December. It does not appear I can load a multiload file for just one month. Is this correct?

      I also know I could build a script to create a file that is loaded via Task Manager with the Load method in the filename but I would like to avoid that if possible.

      Much Appreciated,
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          Have you explored the data protection feature in FDM? You may want to research that option if you are loading to HFM and your metadata is set up to support that feature.

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            Understood....however, I forgot to mention, this is an Essbase load.
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              Why do you have a seperate location for the 2nd load? Different mappings, import format etc?
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                Yes, different import formats and mappings.
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                  In that case you are going to have to do some scripting to achieve this. Take a look at the top of the Essabse Adapter Load action script. This is where the load parameters are set. You could put some conditional code here that always forces the location which needs to be a merge load to use the merge load parameter regardless of what has been selected. If you want it to be more configurable you could use one of the unused integration options to store an override indicator and check that here to determine what to do, this could then be enabled/disabled on a location by location basis.