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    ERP Integrator config issues


      I am trying to configure ERPI on I have run into the following issues using the configurations below

      1. SQL server 2005 db, windows server 2003: applied patch 01 to enable support fro SQL Server 2005 but no driver in ODI for MS SQL 2005, only 2000. Could not connect to sql database using jdbc driver
      2. Oracle db, windows server 2003: Unable to launch ERPI from workspace despite the service running and the rest fo EPM being available

      When the Oracle db was used to previously configured source systems were still present, which was very surprising. A reinstall of ERPI was done but this did not clear the source system config. An uninstall was done of ERPI followed by an install using the oracle db. Now, ERPI will not even launch despite the services being available. EPMA and HFM launch from workspace so erpi is the problem.

      ODI is fine. WebLogic 9.2 is being used.

      Would appreciate any advice.


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          Was the ERPI database migrated from another environment? Is that the source system config you are referring to? The source system configuration is stored in the database, so a re-install of ERPi would not clear this information out. You cannot migrate the database from one environment to another, you need to start with a fresh DB Schema.

          There are JDBC Drivers available for SQL Server 2005 which you can download from Microsoft


          Refer to KM Document 951369.1 Stage 1 for information on how to put the drivers in place.
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            Many thanks for your response.

            An unsupported version of oracle db was being used and port 6550 was being blocked by AV. Now we have this error when trying to initialise the source

            Error encountered while launching the ODI process: Agent didn't prepare this command. Error during Session preparation: No suitabler driver

            I can connect to all the databases frpm odi. The agent runs fine. The system has not been migrated in anyway.

            I have got erpi working with before but seems incomplete. I would appreciate any suggestions regarding the error.



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