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    Removing CSS style classes?

      This is partly a question on whether this is expected behaviour or an unfortunate side effect, and partly a heads-up to anyone doing anything similar.

      The summary: removing a 'styleclass' from a Node does not remove the styling from the node

      If, for example, I have a Label and I add a styleclass to it that makes the border red, when the label is rendered the red border is applied to the Label. If I then remove that styleclass, there is now nothing on that Label telling the CSS engine to update the border so the engine now leaves the border untouched - i.e. it stays red. The only way it would get set back, is if the original style of the Label had a border setting that the CSS engine could then apply.

      For me, this is not what I was expecting and I spent a fair bit of time chasing my tail on this. My way of thinking was that when I remove the style class it would revert the label back to exactly how it was before I added the style. Was my way of thinking wrong or is this a flaw in the CSS approach that should be logged in JIRA?

      Below is some sample code that demonstrates the problem. I've used a default style that clears the background but does not clear the border - when you click on the button the background changes colour, but once the border is set, it is set for life.

      public void start(Stage stage) throws Exception
          FlowPane root = new FlowPane(10, 10);
          final Label styledLabel = new Label("Use the toggle button to turn on and off highlight for this label");
          ToggleButton button = new ToggleButton("Show Highlight");
          button.selectedProperty().addListener(new ChangeListener<Boolean>()
              public void changed(ObservableValue<? extends Boolean> source, Boolean wasSelected, Boolean isSelected)
                  if (isSelected)
          Scene scene = new Scene(root, 800, 600);
      .normal {
          -fx-padding: 10;
          -fx-background-color: null;
      .highlighted {
          -fx-border-radius: 6;
          -fx-border-color: red;
          -fx-border-width: 1;
          -fx-background-color: #ff9999;
          -fx-background-radius: 6;