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    Configuring a Solutions Catalog for E-Support

      The Siebel E-Support Administration Guide says the following on page 52:

      Knowledge base articles displayed in Siebel E-Support consist of Siebel Solutions records in your
      company’s Siebel Business Application. To prepare knowledge base articles (that is, Siebel Solutions
      records) for display in Siebel E-Support, you must create Siebel Solutions records, then add them to
      the Siebel E-Support knowledge base catalog, and finally associate them with catalog categories.
      NOTE: In Siebel E-Support, the category for a solution is not exposed in the Web service.

      What designates the E-Support catalog? In other words, if I have an out-of-the-box install of Siebel and am setting up E-Support, what are the steps to either create a catalog for E-Support or change settings on an existing catalog to make it an "E-Support catalog"?