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    Solaris 7

      I am a college student doing a paper on the Solaris 7 OS. I have managed to find a copy of "_Solaris Internals_", but need the actual documentation that went along with this version of the operating system. I tried downloading from the Oracle Legacy page, but found the PDFs to be more "nuts and bolts". The book I have covers most of what I need for the internals - processes, threads, CPU scheudling, virtualization, etc.

      I have seen references to AnswerBook, a cd that came with the OS. Is this the actual documentation and if so where can I download it?

      Matt Armshaw
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          Yes, the answerbook was the name for the bundled documentation in those days.

          Seems like you can read it here:



          The answerbook consisted of 8 books:
          Solaris 7 System Administrator Collection
          Solaris 7 Software Developer Collection
          Solaris 7 User Collection
          Solaris 7 Reference Manual Collection
          Solaris 7 Installation Collection
          OpenBoot Collection
          Solaris Common Desktop Environment Developer AnswerBook
          Solaris XGL 3.3 AnswerBook (Display PostScript)

          If you google the one you are most interested in i think you can find it online.. I don't think you can download the CD as such, unless you find someone who still have it in a drawer somewhere (i might actually have it somewhere, have to look).