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    Sanjay Desai EBS
      Dear all,

      We are going to mass cancellation of Purchase Order (approx. 500 ) using API : PO_DOCUMENT_CONTROL_PUB.CONTROL_DOCUMENT .
      For the same, we have created one customized table in which we are updating the output status of each and every PO after running this API.
      It works and updated the status in customized table also.

      In Some PO, this API gives an error : +"Quantity Billed > Quantity Received "+ but API function FND_MSG_PUB.Count_Msg gives 0 (zero) value .
      Due to this problem, we are unable to update the customize table .

      Can anyone guide me that why API FND_MSG_PUB.Count_Msg = 0 even though an API gives an error message .

      How can I get the value FND_MSG_PUB.Count_Msg > 0 in such scenario.

      Thanks in advance.