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    P6 8.1 publication services not running?

      I have the following setup of P6 r8.1 on a Amazon instance:

      weblogic domain with managed server running P6 EPPM (web)
      weblogic domain with managed server running BI Publisher (web) - BI publisher configured to acccess PMDB
      SQL server with PMDB (incl extended tables)

      I realised when accessing the (sample) reports in BI Publisher and trying to create them they always remain 'empty'; if I run the queries used in the BI Publisher reports in an SQL tool, the resultset is empty.

      Back in EPPM, I checked all the configurations, refer to the P6 Extended Schema White paper release 8.1, and they seems correct. But what I see is that the publication services are actually never run. Global Scheduled services should run every 3 hours, as I configured it, but last-run remains an empty field. Even invoking the service manually does not do anything: no trace in log files whatsoever, no failed/success reports.

      As I understand, the publication services come with P6 install (in this case, deployed p6.ear in weblogic)? Or is this a separate install?

      The documents talks about queing the publication requests, but I was not asked to configure i.e. a JMS queue in weblogic. What is this queue?

      And what are those publication services? Stored procedures in the database? Java/EJB components?
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          Did you resolve this problem? I'm having the same experience.
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            Charles Wright
            The answers you seek relating to Project Publication services are in the following document page 11 onwards.


            The queuing as I understand your question is done on the P6 Web interface in the Administrator settings [Administer; Global Scheduled Services]. All Publish Project services must be submitted to the service queue by the Project Arbiter service. The Project Arbiter service runs at an interval you specify in P6, and is intended to be run frequently (every minute by default). This ensures timely project data in the extended schema tables, and ensures that ASAP Publish Project requests are processed in a reasonable timeframe.

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