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    Xsl stylesheet for Oracle Forms needed

    JeanYves Bernier
      In the past I used an xsl stylesheet to generate documentation from converted xml forms.

      This utility was called Oracle Forms XML Explorer and provided by Oranails (http://www.geocities.com/oranails/forms/forms_xsl.htm)

      Description: Oracle Forms XML Explorer is a XSL transformer of Oracle documented XML Forms format into Forms Builder - like HTML representation which can be published, stored and viewed in browser. No need to install Oracle Developer. As in Forms Builder you can navigate between forms objects in Object Navigator and explore object properties and sintax highlighted pl/sql source codes using Property Palette.

      Unfortunately the site is not available anymore. I have found a snapshot of it but the download link doesn't work of course.

      Can someone help me and provide a link to this xsl tool if there is one?
      Any help will be appreciated