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    Problem with HTTP Connection Permission

      Hi ,

      I have built a HelloWorld MIDlet application having MIDP 2.0 profile and CLDC 1.1 configuration using Sun Java Wireless toolkit 2.5.2_01.

      I have allowed for HTTP connection to the MIDlet by adding 'javax.microedition.io.Connector.http' in Permissions and also I have modified security preference to have "maximum" or "trusted" security domain.

      In this application I am doing a HTTP Connection to a particular URL. Before doing that I have given a print statement to print the Permission as below.

      int perm = this.checkPermission("javax.microedition.io.Connector.http") ;
      System.out.println("Permission "+perm);

      The problem here is that for a few Samsung and LG devices, It is not able to open the HTTP Connection and also the print statement is showing Permission as '0'.
      Kindly help on this.

      Thanks in advance.