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    Problem with MSVC 2010

      Hi there,

      I am getting a runtime error about a missing entry point (I have to translate the error messages from german to english) when I start the my simple OCCI test application:
      entry point "OCIPHeapAllocUc" was not found in "OCI.dll"

      environment = oracle::occi::Environment::createEnvironment(oracle::occi::Environment::DEFAULT);

      I am using:
      Windows 7 64bit
      Oracle Client 11.2 64bit and 32bit installed (using 32 bit)
      Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express

      Im am using the following DLLs
      (client_2 => 32bit)

      In my project settings I added the c++ include directory:
      and the additional linker dependecy:

      I have setup the same project with Visual C++ 2008 Express and the corresponding oracle lib (vc9) - this works fine.

      Any ideas on this? Google did not give me anything usefull

      Best Regards,

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          Can you find out from the documentation which version of VS has been used to build the oraocci11d.dll and has that been certified on Windows 7.
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            You will have to download the VS 2010 built OCCI libraries from the following location
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              I have the same problem. I did download and installed the referenced files. I am running Oracle 11g Release 2. Visual Studio 2010 (64 bit)

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                Hallo Jens,

                Das Problem dürfte daran liegen, das VS2010 nur in Verbindung in ODP.NET und anderen Windows API's von 11.2 zertifiziert ist (ODAC + Oracle Development Tools)

                <Note 43208.1> Certified Compiler

                listet nur VS2005 und VS2008 auf - ich benutze zwar auch VS2010 aber OCCI unterstützt derzeit nur VC8 (VS2005) und VC9 (VS2008) ---> %ORACLE_HOME%\OCI\lib\msvc

                VC2010 hat ein nettes Feature eingebaut:
                ACHTUNG: Geht nur, wenn VS2008 auf dem gleichen Rechner installiert ist - ansonsten gibt es den Fehler:
                "C:\Program Files\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\Microsoft.CppBuild.targets(293,5): error MSB8010: Specified platform toolset (v90) requires Visual Studio 2008. Please make sure that Visual Studio 2008 is installed on the machine."

                Aktuelles Project -> Kontextmenü --> Properties --> Configuration Properties --> General

                Da gibt es eine Einstellung Namens

                Platform Toolset = v100

                Wenn man das auf

                Platform Toolset = v9

                ändert, erzeugt VS2010 einen v9 (VS2008) kompatiblen Code - mit den Bibliotheken aus

                sollte dann der Code keine Fehler mehr schmeissen. Hat wenigstens bei anderen Kunden geholfen

                Weiterhin muß man nach %ORACLE_HOME%\bin die Dateien aus %ORACLE_HOME%\OCI\lib\msvc\v9\*dll
                kopieren, damit zur Laufzeit die richtigen Dateien gezogen werden

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                  Thank you for your contribution, Frank. I need to try that.

                  What a bummer that Oracle 11g is not conform with the latest compilers (which are now almost 3 years old already).
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                    Do you have oraclient version >= I had the same issue (OCIPHeapAllocUc symbol not exported by oci.dll) and I installed the client version and it solved the problem.

                    Best regards.
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                      Where did you find Oracle Client ?

                      thank you!

                      Best regards
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                        It was provided by my company's DBA.

                        I did some google search and found this link: http://levipereira.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/oracle-database-11g-release-2-11-2-0-2-is-available-in-the-latest-media-pack/

                        I followed the hyperlink "Click here to download your Patch Set" in this page which direct me to https://login.oracle.com/mysso/signon.jsp

                        Sadly, trying to login with my personal Oracle account rise the following error: Permission denied for downloading patches from My Oracle Support. If you think this is an error, ask your administrator to add this permission.