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    UPK V11.0 Issues recording SAP GUI

      I am using the multi-license of UPK v 11.0 attempting to record the back-end of SAP (the GUI). When I go to record (both in manual and automatic), I run into a progress delay. For example, I was recording a transaction in SAP and it literally took 5 minutes to record one slide. This does not appear to be a problem in other applications such as word, etc.

      I have cleared my cache, I have cleared my target applications excluding the SAP apps and I have increased my disk storage to a 1GB. I had a peer also attempt the recording and ran into the same issue. I am using a Dell Latitude E6410. My instructor during UPK also witnessed this and told me to reach out to the community.

      Any suggestions on UPK recording for SAP GUI v7.20?

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          Just wondering whether you have resolve this issue? If yes, how do you resolve it? Can it be share?
          We are facing the same issue on recording, which it took very long.

          BTW, do you also face any issue on version mismatch eventhought UPK v11 and SAPGUI7.20 installed during the recording?