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    R12 – “oracle.apps.ibe.shoppingcart.shopcart does not exist”.

      Hi all,
      Can you please provide your expert commenst on the below issue

      We are trying to migrate Oracle isrore from 11i to R12

           The java top of 11i and r12 are different and hence all custom objects were not moved from 11i java top to R12 java top. We manually copied all the custom objects t R12 java top and tried to compile the JSP pages
      a)     The JSP pages are not compiling as standard java package is missing in R12 – “oracle.apps.ibe.shoppingcart.shopcart does not exist”. Is it missing because of incorrect file system or is it obsolete in R12.
      b)     There are custom JSP pages referring to this package. Is it ok to copy the 11i oracle.apps.ibe.shoppingcart.shopcart into R12?

      can anybody please suggest

      Thanks in Advance