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    Fail to Connect JDE from VC++ program

      Hi All,

      I am writing a VC++ program, from this program I have to connect JDE and call the business functions using API's. First I have to connect to JD Edwards. I am using "JDB_InitEnvOvr(&hEnv, szEnv, szUser, szPwd);" to connect. Initially, When I compile my program I got an error "Fatal Error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'Jdenv.h': No such file or directory".

      I added that header file in vc include folder. After that I compiled the program I got same fatal error with different ".h" file missing.

      In jdelist, Craig Welton - Says that "Do you have the include directories set in your project to search system\include and system\includev under your installed directory (for exameple c:\e900\system\include; c:\e900\system\includev)".

      Can any one please help me, what is the required setting in visual studio side.

      Thanks in advance

      Naveen Kumar M.V
      JDE Technical Consultant.
      JDE E900,8.96, Windows XP and SQL Server
      Visual studio 2008