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    Upgrade Oracle Database on JD Edwards

      Hi all,

      I have to upgrade a JD Edward's oracle Database 10g to 11g.
      I hace no idea about JD Edwards. I'm just Oracle DBA.
      Question is Can I just upgrade the Oracle Database as usual or there's something to be done on JD Edwards?
      I cannot find any documentation about database upgrade for JD Edwards.

      Thanks a lot.
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          Can you tell me which version of JD Edwards you are using?

          Thank you
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            You will need to go further in your setup. I have a few questions.

            1. Are you on World or E1? This post is in the World forum.
            2. What release and tools version are you running?
            3. Once we find this out you need to see if 11g is supported with Oracle MTR's.

            Once we know 11g is supported a simple search on Oracle should get you the documents or even opening a call with them and have them provide this info to you should get you what you are asking.

            IF you are E1 you can find the version by simply looking at the name of the folder on the deployment server (i.e. if you are on 812 the folder will have 812, or if you are on 811 it will show 811). If you need to find the tools release you can check the ptf.log file in the bin32 folder on your deployment server. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.