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    MW or manual application of patch 7303029?

      I am performing an -> R12.1.1 upgrade on Linux-x86 using the Maint Wizard (MW).

      I am in at this step:

      Cat: Upg to Rel 12.1.1
      PF: Perform the Upgrade
      Task: Perform the Upgrade
      Step: Apply patch 7303029

      While performing the step for patch 7303029 (step 9.1, scriptID=34009) I looked at the script to check that it was being applied with the "preinstall=y" switch.

      But, the script, ad34009s.sh, does not actually "apply" the patch -- the script downloads it and then copies the u7303029.drv file to the preinstall directory. I thought that this was a bit strange since I thought the patch actually needed to be applied in order to copy the necessary files. I didn't see a step where it said to apply the patch so I just let the MW do the "Setup" and "Exectute" steps and then I moved on.

      Now during the main patch (u6678700.drv) I am getting a "file not found" worker error on file OKCMOORG.sql. This file is part of patch 7303029 -- ./7303029/okc/patch/115/sql/OKCMOORG.sql.

      Was I supposed to manually apply patch 7303029 in preinstall mode? If so then the MW instructions are a bit vague on this between the "Setup" and "Execute" phases.

      I think that the answer here is "yes" but now how do I recover from missing this step?
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          Anyone care to comment on this?

          Regardless I moved on by using the steps in this blog --> [http://onlineappsdba.blogspot.com/2007/10/how-to-apply-11i-patch-when-adpatch-is.html] to stop the upgrade patch and apply patch 7303029 with "preinstall=Y" and then restart the upgrade patch.

          It seems to be working but who knows what damage has already been done.

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            Can I get a comment on this issue please?

            I'd just like to know that someone from the MW team has acknowledged it and either says that the MW instructions are accurate and clear or whether they think the instructions may need to be updated to avoid future confusion (like I experienced).

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              David Heisler-Oracle
              The execute step of 9.1 requires you to run admerge with all the preinstall patches that had been staged during step one of the UPG to Rel 12.1.1 -> Apply Preinstall Patches task. As indicated in note 954704.1 patch 7303029 should have been applied in pre-install mode as well as any necessary financials patches called out in note 1127593.1

              So the answer is:

              You should have already manually applied patch 7303029 in pre-install mode as indicated in note 954704.1 called out in step one of Apply Preinstall Patches task. Then you should manually apply the merged driver of the preinstall directory and the u6678700.drv driver created in the 9.1 execute step for the complete updated 12.1.1 driver.

              When you get to the setup step of 9.1 it just verifies that everything is in place for the manual merge in the execute step. We can enhance this to apply the patch in preinstall mode again in case it was overlooked as in your case.

              The text is misleading and we will correct the text and attempt to automate this step in future releases.
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                Thanks for the clarification.

                The fact that the MW "setup" step was downloading patch 7303029 and NOT giving specific instructions on how to apply it in pre-install mode was very confusing. Which led me to assume that it wanted it done this way.