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    OSM 7 COM

      I need inputs on OSM 7 COM Design.

      We have following scenario:-

      1. Recieve Customer Order with one Order Item (1 product) from CRM System. We create a New Customer order in OSM with one Order item. Processing starts in OSM Orchestration plan is generated. Order is still in progress.
      2. We recieve another order from CRM system which has a reference to Customer order that we recived in step 1 and a new Order Item.
      3. Step 3 repeats for almost 500 New Order Items. When I say repeat we recieve a new order as mentioned in step two 500 times.

      1. Order Items need to be shown in the Order Items pane in left window.
      2. Orchestration only needs to be generated for the order item that we recieved in step 1.
      3. No need to generate Orchestration plan for the subsequent Order Items.

      Will Update Order Web Service API work for submitting all the Order items coming after step 1 after step 1. Will we be able to see the Order Item hierarchy in left pane? Does displaying Order Item hierarchy dependent on Orchestration plan?

      As per our understanding if we use update order API Orchestration plan is not generated again
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          I recommend reading the "Oracle® Communications Order and Service Management Concepts" guide to review concepts before your start designing your solution.
          Your scenario involves at least these topics:
          - Order Types ( New, Revision, Follow-On )
          - Order Change Management
          - Order Item Hierarchy