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    oracle document capture licensing price

      Hi, does anybody know where to get price or licensing info for Oracle® Document Capture Release 10gR3?
      thanks a lot.
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          geoff garcia
          Oracle Document Capture has been renamed to WebCenter Capture (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/webcenter/content/index-090596.html)
          Processor license is $7,000
          Software & license support is $1,540

          "Oracle WebCenter Capture supports high volume production scanning from a central location while Oracle WebCenter Distributed Capture provides user-friendly web interface that allows distributed enterprises to easily capture images from remote locations"
          Distributed Capture is $1,200 per named user account and $264 in support & license.

          Those prices are pretty low though so I'm guessing you'll have a prerequisite of another product. From the sound of this next statement I'd guess you'll also need some combination of WebCenter Forms Recognition ($100k license, $22k support), WebCenter Content ($172.5k license, $38k support).

          "Oracle WebCenter Capture and Distributed Capture are integrated with Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition to provide automated extraction of data from captured images, and fully integrated with Oracle WebCenter Content's imaging and Oracle WebCenter Content to provide organizations with one system to capture, store, manage and retrieve their mission critical business content."
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            thanks a lot for a great help