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    WSDL generated by web service map

      I am totally new to ODSI. I noticed that the WSDL generated by the Web Service Map for a Data Service always contains two schemas in the types section, with an import directive in the first schema which refers to the second. The structure of the types section is something like this:

      <xs:import namespace="N1">

      <xs:schema targetNameSpace="N1">...</xs:schema>

      The question is : is it possible to have a single schema instead of two in a logical data service? In other words, to what extent can the WSDL be customized?
      I apologize in advance if the question is dumb, but as I have said, I am totally new to this product.
      Thank you very much for your help

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          The request and response elements will always be generated in the form below. It cannot be customized.

          <xs:schema targetNamespace="ld:hello_ws" elementFormDefault="qualified" xmlns:stns="ld:hello_ws" ... >

          <s:element name="HelloWorld">
          <s:element name="HelloWorldResponse">

          Unless the targetnamespace for your logical data service matches, there will always need to be a second schema element.

          Your logical dataservice can have whatever schema you want.
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