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    How to suppress action history from the custom workflow notifications

      I have developed a custom workflow and I would like to remove the action history part of the notification as I have built a custom approval history table. Any hint would be welcome.

      I have tried putting the attribute #HISTORY (type: document, source: send0 with null or empty values in the message, but to no use. I am on the following
      Oracle environment:
      RDBMS :
      Oracle Applications : 12.1.2

      I have no ACTION_HISTOY attribute defined in my workflow. Looks like this comes from some standard template which the notification uses.

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          Hi All,

          For any notification (Custom or Seeded), Oracle Workflow displays a Default Action History for a Response Required notification or a FYI Notification with atleast one Reassign or Request More Information action performed. Now you may replace this default action history with a custom Action History table by using a special message attribute #HISTORY.

          Now, we have two types of questions here in this post:

          1. Replacing the Default Action History with Custom Action History:

          The #HISTORY attribute used to show the custom Action History must be of type document and must have a source of send. Your custom action history table must be defined as an Oracle Application Framework region, or as a PL/SQL or PL/SQL CLOB document that contains text or HTML.
          For an Oracle Application Framework region, set the value of this attribute to a Java Server Page (JSP) call that references your custom action history region.
          For a PL/SQL or PL/SQL CLOB document, set the attribute value to the procedure and document ID from which the document is generated.

          For more information to define a Oracle Application Framework region or to define a document attribute check the Workflow Developer Guide.

          2. Hiding the Default Action History from the Notification:

          This is the case of hiding the Default Action History for good wthout even showing a custom one. Unfortunately, there is no clean way of completely hiding the default action history. But, there is this not-so-clean way we can achieve that. You may define the #HISTORY attribute and set the value to a JSP call which refers to a Custom Oracle Applications Framework Region. Now, set the "Rendered" property of this region to "false". This would hide the Default Action History.

          Hope that helps.