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    DB Link Error


      I am facing an error while fetching data from DB, the following error message is displayed

      ORA-02063: Preceding line from VIS12_APPS_LINK

      I have tried by recreating the same link to fetch data, but still im facing the error.

      Let me know if any one have solution for this issue !!

      Arif Mohammed
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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          Please post the details of the application release, database version and OS.

          Please see these docs.

          Invalid Package FII_AP_INV_PAYMTS_F_C ORA-04052 ORA-00604 ORA-01017 ORA-02063 [ID 888253.1]
          How to validate FII Invalid Packages? [ID 1108214.1]
          EDW related Invalid Objects [ID 554036.1]
          ORA-04052 Error When Compiling HR_EDW_WRK_CMPSTN_F_C [ID 1150935.1]