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    OpenAM on Windows - Need help with the Windows Desktop SSO [Video Inside]

      Hi everybody,

      first sorry if I make some mistakes as I dont speak english fluently, sorry :)

      I am trying to configure the Windows Desktop SSO of OpenAM on a Windows box.

      I followed this tutorial : http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19681-01/820-3746/gisxh/index.html but when I check if SSO works (with this URL : http://FQDN_domain.llocal:8080/opensso/UI/Login?module=MySSOModule) , it fails with an error "authentication failed".

      1. First I would like to know if there is a way to check if the keytab generated is correct please. Indeed, I have read somewhere that the account name has to be identical as the name of the SSOServer; in my case it is not.

      I have correctly generated the keytab file (*or I think so but how can I be sure* ?).

      2. I would like to know how, in Windows, I have to configure the "keytab file name" (on the module instance page/ New Module).
      As I dont have /etc/opt etc... Do I have to specify a path like that ? : "D:\apache-tomcat-6.0.33\webapps\opensso\config\myfile.HTTP.keytab"

      3. I have also logfiles with debug mode enabled. It is available here : http://dl.free.fr/b6yPOoYTU/logauthent.txt.

      I will be very pleased if someone can help me about this problem that drives me nuts.

      Thanks a lot

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