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    Introspecting j2ee applications on Weblogic


      I'm a newbie to Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder. After going through the datasheet, its user-guide, I understood how weblogic is introspected, and packaged as an appliance.

      I want to know whether the introspection of weblogic, also introspects the j2ee applications deployed on the weblogic server.

      For example, if a JAX-WS web-service is deployed on the weblogic server, does the resulting appliance contain the web-service over the web-logic server, or does it consider only the weblogic server?

      If so as what are these software components like EJB, JAX-WS webservices, JDBC etc. shown in the introspection result?


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          Shail Goel-Oracle

          Yes, introspection of a WLS domain captures everything in the domain including deployed J2EE application. So yes, the resulting WLS domain after deployment will contain all your applications that you had deployed in the original system before introspection.

          All your connections (JDBC, LDAP, JMS) are shown as output endpoints of the resulting WLS appliances after introspection. But none of the applications are visualized in OVAB. Applications are deployed as-is.

          PS: Regarding web services in WLS, make sure to refer section B.1.4.4 in OVAB User's Guide: