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    Unable to apply patch ID: 814301 in Peoplesoft HRMS 9.0

    Anu Khurana
      Current system details

      LINUX 86
      Application release: 9.0 with Bundle 11
      People Tools release with patch level: 8.49.32

      My HRMS application is on Unix machine and I am applying the patch via Change assistant on the Windows machine through PSEMAgent.

      Patch no 773004(HRMS Global Payroll Core Commercial 9 Global Payroll 9.0 Update 2010-A) is successfully applied, but getting error in the next patch patch id 814301 as below..

      Getting error msg on application of the patch id 814301( HRMS Global Payroll Core Commercial 9 Global Payroll 9.0 Update 2010-B )
      Error msg: Error Details in ar_814301_dat.dat(DATA).log
      Deploy File for AR814301_DAT_DAT
      Retrieving File Reference Data.
      Unable to load PSJCA.dll. Make sure <PS_HOME>\bin\client\winx86 is set in the PATH environment variable.

      File psjca.dll in the mentioned path is available, but in small letters, so i renamed the ssame to PSJCA.dll. ====> Still getting same error

      in My Computer => properties => env varibale => path
      I have given the PS_HOME path which was initailly not present there => Still getting the same error..

      Please can anyone help and suggest the possible reasons for this error.
      Its bit urgent to update the payroll with the patches..


      Anu Khurana