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    Internal RFQ

      Hi All,
      We are using Oracle Purchasing. Part of the business requirement is to raise an internal request for quotation to procurement dept. The request may be submitted by any dept in the company. Based on the request the buyer will create an RFQ to the potential suppliers. We currently use purchase requisition document to submit such request to procurement dept. we created a separate line type for this. However; we are still looking for a better solution, so that we do not use the purchase requisition document for such things. The request is usually forwarded from the requesting department to the buyer.

      Any idea will be much appreciated.
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          I think as per the best practice requester will create a requisitions and buyers will create RFQs based on the requisitions created by verious requester. So you are already following the best practice. Is there any specific reason for which you are trying to find something better. Converting the requisition to RFQ is also pretty easy using the Autocreate functionality which I am sure your buyer is using.


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            Thank you for your immediate response,

            some we need to utilize the standard oracle P2P by avoid using requisition for providing quotation to the requester. i.e we would like to find a much better solution.

            Thanks in Advance
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              Could you help in this.

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                Hi Ahmed,

                As per Oracle standard you are supposed to use Requisition Form and choose Purchase requisition. That is what you are using.

                Can you please elaborate little more why you want a different approach for this?

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                  Hi Dinesh,

                  I'll not change oracle standard process for Purchase Requisition, in our business we are using Purchase Requisition with normal way.
                  But there is a small unique case in our business which is request a proposal or request a quotation from Procurement department if the requester of PR doesn't have a quotation.