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    Entity Model Vizard not able to get list of table from other schemas

      Hi all,

      I downloaded the Oracle Data Access components for Microsoft Entity Framework and LINQ beta, and am facing a strange issue with it.

      Whenever I run the Entity Model creation wizard, I only get the list of tables from my default schema (i guess, the one for which the specified user ID has default rights).

      I have read access to multiple schemas and I can see those tables if I set this from the filters tab in the new connection dialog box (shown when adding a new connection in the Add Connection option of the Visual Studio Server Explorer).

      Could anyone help in getting the list of all the tables from all the schemas on which I have the read access? Or, Is this even possible in this beta?

      If this is not the correct forum for this kind of question, please help in redirecting it to an appropriate community.

      Thank you in advance,
      Manvir Singh

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