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    Oracle RMAN with basic compression will be enough or still go for ACO?

      Hello All,

      Currently in DR site all databases are backed up using an 'old' Online(Hot) Backup script(ALTER TABLESPACE <name> BEGIN BACKUP). All 33 standby databases(hosted on two HPUX servers) span versions,, 10.2, 11.1. The database sizes vary from 300 GB(min.) upto 4TB(max.). The online backup script runs too long and hogs the CPU 100% 24X7 for these servers and slows down the entire backup process to 10-12 hours and bleeds into the next production day. It also impacts the archive logs being shipped to the DR site from Production and creates a big data exposure (risk incase of failover).

      No RMAN/Advanced Compression is used anywhere in the site. Also future plan is to upgrade all databases 11gR2.

      Please recommend and advise.. I think just using RMAN with basic compression will be enough without going for any additional licensing costs. No additional hardware(CPU)/server could be deployed. My earlier plan was to upgrade all the databases to 11gR2 (anyway that's the future plan) and then use RMAN with Advanced Compression (low/medium), as this comes bundled in Oracle11gR2 - this will be a huge cost saving from the storage perspective (I understand 50% reduction or sizable cost-saving in storage depends on the application data cardinality again!).

      Also I am not sure using RMAN or Advanced Compression will further pressure the CPUs even there will be less storage needed??

      Highly appreciate your inputs..