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    Integration between Service Contracts and Order Management


      Can anybody guide me the how Oralce Service Contracts intergrated to OM as how and what are all included and run behind the screen when I click on 'Submit (Submit charge lines to Order Management')' button on Service Request screen and create sales order in OM? I need to know how it integrated as I have an requirement to populate some additional data in Sales Order DFF when users create Sales Order from Service Request screen.

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          Charges has integration to Service Contracts. When calculating the price of the item on the charge line, Charges will check if there is a contractual price on the item price and then populate the discounted price accordingly.
          Once that is done, when the charge lines are submitted, the prices that are already established on the charge line, are submitted as is to Order Management using the Order Capture API. In this respect, there is integration between contracts and OM.

          The submit order API provides a user hook that can be used to populate the Sales Order DFF. Please refer to Metalink note 1257464.1 on extending Charges functionality using user hooks.