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    Requisition Import - Group By Parameter

      Hi Gurus,

      I have a query on Requisition Import process where by the parameter for Group By is Vendor . Can you pls let me know the outcome of below scenario

      Sales Order has 3 Lines ;
      Line 1 , Item #1 is to sourced from Supplier S , Site A
      Line 2, Item # 2 is to be sourced from Supplier S, Site B
      Line 3, Item # 3 is to be sourced from Supplier S, Site C

      sourcing rule has been defined for items 1,2,3, with Supplier S and Site as A, B, C respectively.

      When the Requisition Import program runs , with Group By parameter as 'VENDOR' - will it create 3 PRs or single PR.

      Pl let me know. We are on