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    How to upload data from Legacy system to Oracle Procurement Contracts

      Hi Gurus,

      We are implementing Oracle Procurement Contracts in Oracle Apps R12.1.3 version.
      Currency Client has Purchasing , Inventory and rest of Financial modules implementend and they are running fine.

      I am looking for help in following

      1.Data loading Templates ( Clauses, Contract Templates, Variables ) to migrate data from Legacy system to Oracle Procurement Contracts
      2.What is the best way to migrate ( through Open interface Tables or through XML loading ( if you can give me templates with Sample data , it would be a great help ).

      Since Contract Templates wont have real business meaning untill we apply them on top of Blanket Purchase Agreement or CPA or Standard Purchase Order

      1.What is your suggestion on uploading real Contracts
      1.1 : Is it better we upload Blanket Purchase Agreements and apply the Contract templates
      1.2 : Is there a API or Open interface to upload BPA/CPAs with Contract Templates

      It would be a great help if you can share your experience and if the documents are confidential to be shared , i can give you my email id for communication.